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Blue Link ERP SoftwareEdit

Blue Link provides integrated Accounting Software & Inventory Management Software to small and medium sized businesses, primarily wholesalers & distributors.

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Describe your topicEdit

Blue Link Associates Limited develops and delivers a fully integrated ERP software suite including:

We service a wide range of clients including:

  • Small & Medium businesses
  • Primarily Distributors & Wholesalers
  • In Canada, The United States and Central America
  • To replace introductory systems like Quickbooks

Some more fun facts about Blue Link:

  • We began operations in 1992
  • Our first client is still with us today - enjoying upgrades
  • Our software is Windows Based & easily customizable
  • We offer both on-premises and cloud-baseddeployment

Latest activityEdit

Visit our Industry Software page to learn more about Blue Link's industry specific functionality.

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